Emilie Coste

 a little scoop 

Emilie Coste designs was created in 2019. Born and raised in London,  Emilie studied ceramic design at Central Saint Martins. This is where she discovered her interest in making functional sculpture at a large scale. Emilie's aim was to break ceramics' fragile image by making fun and quirky stools that would brighten up any decor. This is how she developed Take a Seat: A collection of ceramic stools where each piece is completely functional and based on foods  such as a pomegranate, sugar or even clotted cream. She has also created a line of porcelain candle holders based on the female femme fatale called the 'Whimsical Bottoms'.  Emilie now continues her ceramic  practice in London and has also decided to use her time to paint on canvas. She enjoys developing sculptural forms and creating images full of fantasy, this gives her the freedom to create scenes that she could not necessarily sculpt in 3D. 


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