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Emilie on Pomegranate.jpg

Emilie Coste

 a little scoop 

Raised between France and England,  Emilie studied Ceramic Design at Central St Martins. This is where she began making large functional sculptures. Today, Emilie's aim is to transform the image of sculptures as visual art pieces to fun, playful and interactive objects. She first tackled this objective by launching Take a Seat: A collection of ceramic stools where each completely functional piece is based on types of  food such as pomegranates, sugar and even clotted cream. Each stool in this quirky range can revitalise any indoor or outdoor setting. Following Take a Seat, Emilie designed a line of porcelain candle holders called 'Whimsical Bottoms' which was inspired by her contemporary vision of the femme fatale. In parallel to her London ceramics practice, Emilie started painting and drawing in France. She uses these mediums to translate her sculptures from the physical to the abstract in a range of colourful and vivid fantasy like scenes.

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